An Edmodo Cheerleader

As my students can probably tell, I love using Edmodo.  I found Edmodo at the end of last year and used up a chunk of my summer trying to decide the best ways to use it and investigating all the little in’s and out’s of this marvelous site.

This fall I was asked by my administrators at Denver to present a short technology presentation during the NICL Professional Development Day on October 15, 2010.  I was very flattered, but most of all very excited to be able to tell people about Edmodo and how great it can be in the classroom.

The presentation went very well.  I met some teachers from other schools that use Edmodo and heard only great things about it.  I’ve also been talking with some of the Edmodo network people and I’m trying to worm my way into their inner circle so I can find out about the new developments before they come out.

I’d like to thank my students for volunteering to be in our little Edmodo commercial.  (I’m going to pretend that they really like Edmodo, even if they were just trying to say nice things to make me happy and get on my good side.)


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