Student Blogs

This year I’ve been requiring all my Spanish students to access a classroom blog and to post their own personal blogs.  My original intention was to get them to reflect on the ways Spanish melts into their everyday lives.  I figured if they could make the class material personally relevant and meaningful, it would enhance the everyday experience in the classroom.

For the first quarter of school, students seemed unsure of what they were doing but went along and did it because they had to.  I realize that there is a learning curve with blogging.  One doesn’t become a blogger overnight – – especially not when your teacher is forcing you to.  But as we approach the new quarter, I feel that they are starting to see the value of blogging and the overall inspiration of this experience.  A few of my students have realized that the blog is their chance to make things personal; they don’t have to write formal sentences that please me.  They are opening up to it and having fun with it.

I think it might take awhile for everyone to “get it” but nevertheless this is a truly valuable educational experience.  I love reading what they have to say and I love that it is “out there” on the web for everyone to see and read.  I like this so much better than having them write on a crinkly sheet of notebook paper that then sits in a folder on my desk for a week before being returned to the students hands before quickly ending up in the trash can.  I’m very much enjoying this experiment and hope that my students do to.

Please visit our Spanish Classroom Blogs:

Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3


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