XtraNormal Assignment Introduction

Saturday night, November 27, I developed a project for my Spanish 2 students to do using a program called Xtranormal.  The very next day while watching football, I saw a Geico commercial that features this movie making website.  I immediately felt as if they stole my idea.

I’m excited to get started with Xtranormal and anxious to see how my students respond to it.  I think it will be very interesting and useful.  I’m so grateful that the characters in Xtranormal come with Spanish languages programs and accents.

This is a quick introductory video I made for our Spanish 2 project using Xtranormal.  I thought:  what better way to explain the project than making an Xtranormal to explain everything I needed.  I’ll be posting in about a week with updates on how the project is going.


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