CrocoDocs Online Annotation Program

Another great online find!  A free online program called CrocoDocs allows users to upload documents, PDF’s, photos, PowerPoints, etc.  These items can then be shared with other users and you and other users can comment, highlight and annotate the material.  It’s a great collaborative editing tool as well as a discussion board.

I recently used this with my Spanish 3 class.  I put up our notes on Colombia and asked the students (working in groups of 2) to enhance the notes by adding a piece of quality, academic information to each slide.  For example, on the slide where I introduced the flag of Colombia, students added information about the meaning of the colors, the date of independence and information about the constitution.  After they are done adding their information, I can download the new annotated document with all of the new information.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think that this program could be majorly useful in classes where proofreading takes place or any kind of collaborative reviewing.  In this program, your comments just show up as suggestions rather than actually editing the information.

Students are required to have their own username and password to use Crocodocs.  I set-up 10 generic accounts for my students to use and I think it worked very well.  I had originally planned for the assignment to last 1 and 1/2 class periods (about 70 minutes total) but I underestimated how fast my students work with technology.  Most groups were done in about 30 minutes.  I’m pleased with the results and will be using this program again in the future.


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