Smartphones, Smart Students and a New View on Education

As a surprise christmas present, my parents and husband got together and got me my first Smartphone.  It’s a Droid x, which is coincidental as I recently had to operate a student’s Droid last week.  I remember looking at his phone and thinking,”This is pretty fancy but I’ll never need anything like that.”  Well, I’ve had it for almost 48 hours now and I’m in absolute awe of thad amount and power of technology that is out there…in purses and pockets and not on traditional desktops.  Three years ago (or even one year ago) if you told me I would be writing a professional technology blog from my phone with ease, I couldn’t have believed you.
So now comes my professional reflection: as information becomes easier to access, what parts of standard education need to be adjusted?  I see this as a great thing.  I think about technology as a tool that can be used to maximize efficiency.  For my classroom, technology is a huge time saver.  We use programs to do a lot of the busy paper work that flooded classrooms decades ago. This gives me more instructional time in class with the students.  Time is always one of those golden things teachers always wish they had more of and I think technology can give you that, as long as you plan effectively.
I know some of my students think I’m very much a tech nerd (or maybe just a regular nerd) but I feel like it’s my job to get them ready for life out of the high school bubble that is affectionatly known as the “Real World”.  The world these kids will independently enter is going to be very tech heavy and interconnected.  I don’t want them to be out of the loop. I also don’t want to see education get left out of the loop either; technology is going to continue to grow and move and teachers and students have to keep moving with it.


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