DOP Picture Slideshow Challenge

I found a great activity on YouTube that I recently used with my Spanish 2 class.  We have been learning about direct object pronouns and how to use them appropriately in Spanish sentences.  The YouTube video was posted by a French teacher.  I adapted it for Spanish.

I had a variety of photo sentence equations – – some where the direct object needed to be replaced by a direct object pronoun and some where the sentence was to stay intact.  If the direct object needed to be replaced with a pronoun, I put the picture in brackets.  Then students came up to the screen one by one.  Each student had to set a goal of how many equations they could say correctly in Spanish before the slide changed (each slide only showed for 5 seconds).  They cycled through as many slides as they could, saying the Spanish sentence and the sentences with the direct object pronoun.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The setup for this activity took longer than anything.  I created over 200 PowerPoint slides with the sentence equations.  I used picture for the direct objects and subjects of the sentence and words for the verbs.  After all the slides were made, I simply saved all of the slides as JPG files (an option under the Save menu).  I uploaded all of the photos to my Flickr account and instantly had an automatic, random slideshow of photos, flipping every 5 seconds.

As a teacher, I loved that my students had to set a goal.  At first, many were hesitant to be in front of their classmates and a lot of them aimed low.  After going the first time, confidence went up and I started to see some real connections being made.  All of the students in the room were focused on sentences and the participant.  By the end of the activity, I was pleased with the outcomes of this lesson.

Download my full Direct Object Pronoun Formula presentation (with directions for the Goal Game) here.


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