Vocabulary Podcasts

Learning vocabulary takes a certain amount of time and repeated practice.  I can repeat words with the kids over and over again in class and I can also highly suggest they go over the words themselves.  Still I haven’t ever felt the students enjoy the repeating or fully embraced that concept.

I decided to have my students make vocabulary podcasts: recording of them pronouncing the words in Spanish, defining the word in English and then spelling the words letter by letter.  I had two goals.  1) Have them review the pronunciations and definitions of the words while creating the podcast, and 2) have the students create an audio file of the vocabulary words that could be downloaded and accessed on a portable electronic listening device (i.e., Ipod).

This was the first podcasting experience for nearly all of my students.  We experienced some equipment problems and time issues, but overall the assignment was a success.  The students all submitted their groups podcasts to a class created account on Podomatic.  From here, students are able to download any of the podcasts as a file that can be added to an Ipod or mp3 player.  They can also click a button and subscribe to these podcasts through Itunes.

Podcast Spanish 1 5.3

Today I showed the students how to access the podcasts and suggested that they use these assignments to prepare for next week’s quiz.

Please visit our Spanish Podcasts through Podomatic at: http://huffspan.podomatic.com/


2 thoughts on “Vocabulary Podcasts

  1. I’m a pre-service teacher and I had a question about your podcast assignment. How did you set this podcast up? Were the kids able to do it at home, or did they have to complete it at school?

    Thank you,


  2. Have you tried the TPRS, story-telling is a great way for students to gain fluency in speaking Spanish; its creative; supplies a lot of valuable COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT; and is MUY DIVERTIDO!! Check out my blog at: latamaritabonita on wordpress for some of my students stories.


    Sra. Tamara
    International School of Tanganyika
    Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA

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