I’ve received a few requests about my 5 Levels of Grammar that I referred to during my Sentence Proofreading Activity.  I just emailed it to the first few people but have decided to post it out there for everyone, since it seems to be intriguing.

The purpose of developing different levels of grammar correctness revolves around my desire to let my students know that although they aren’t perfect, they are close to perfect.  My students would make small mistakes in their writing and would get discouraged.  Then it would lead to them making bigger mistakes in the future.  When I give them these 5 levels, they feel it’s a safety net and grey areas:  it isn’t just success or failure, but an area in between that they can understand.

Level 5:

Sentence is perfect!  No mistakes and nothing that needs to be changed.

Level 4:

Few mistakes; mistakes are minor and involve changing something very small (usually a letter here or there).  This includes spelling errors.

Level 3:

Larger words or word order must be changed to make the sentence correct.

Level 2:

Major construction issues; sentence is missing a subject or a verb; components do not create a complete sentence

Level 1:

Does not resemble a sentence; string of words with no connected thought.

This is my own personal philosophy of sentence errors and most likely is not without errors itself.  Feedback is welcome.


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