Present to the Future

Today I needed one more activity to help my student practice conjugating in the future tense.  On paper, things seemed to be going OK but I wanted to see how good my students would be at conjugating on their feet.

I created a photo slide show of different present tense phrases using conjugations of the verb “ir”.  I told students that instead of saying something is “going to” happen, we will be expressing that it “will” happen in the future but conjugating the verb in the future tense.  Students were split into two teams.  One at a time, students stood up, set a conjugation goal and were shown the slides of the sentences.  They had about 5 seconds to give the correct future translation before the pictures flipped.  This activity is very similar to the activity I did with Direct Object Pronouns last year.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At first things were rough but as we got going, students were catching on and doing quite well.  I was impressed by how many students adjusted to the irregular verbs and the reflexive verbs that were in the mix.  I even had to stop one student at 25 straight correct conjugations just for the sake of time and mercy for the other team.  I felt a lot better about how well my students knew the future tense and I think a lot of them felt better too.

Download the IR to the Future Presentation here.


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