TestMoz: Online Test Generator

Here are some things I like about student review activities (prior to a big test):

  1. a grade-able quiz where I author the questions
  2. question and answer variability so that students can take the quiz more than once for review
  3. quizzes that give immediate feedback so that students can assess their readiness or competency
  4. easy online access without student username/password sign-in features
  5. easy to access quiz results that make for easy grade recording
  6. free (probably should have put this at #1)

About two years ago, I found a great downloadable quiz generator program called Quiz Creator from Wondershare.  I downloaded the quiz editing software, created unique and special quizzes and was able to publish them as embeddable flash files that I could upload to my class website.  The kids just had to put in their first name and last name and when they finished, the results were emailed to me.  Pretty awesome.  But early on in this quiz creation romance I knew we would have problems.  The software was only available for PC.  And even if I found some compatible Mac software, I would have had some problems getting the privileges to install a program on my school Mac computer.  Doing the quiz writing from home was not ideal, but I lived with it.  Then we changed school website servers and I found that I couldn’t take the PC created flash files and transfer them over to my IWeb website.  With no way to get these quizzes online so my students could take them, I needed a new quiz creator.

Into my life walked www.testmoz.com.  It’s a very simple online generator created by an undergraduate student at Washington State University.  TestMoz allows you to create quizzes online by simply giving a test a name and an administrator password so that you can access the quiz and edit it later.  You can make fill in the blank, multiple choice, multiple response or true/false questions.

You can choose for the question order to be random and you can also choose for the multiple choice answers to be randomized too.  Students have to type in their name before taking each quiz: no sign-up or anything.  All results are stored on TestMoz where I can access them later with my admin password.  It’s so clean and simple and it seems a little too clean and simple, but I really love it.  The flash based quizzes I used in the past were a little more jazzy and then just showed one question at a time, where these quizzes show all the questions at once.

Like I said earlier, I like to use these kinds of tests as review before a big test, where students can repeatedly go over the questions so that they are comfortable with the material and concepts that will be on the actual test.  Students can retake the quiz and, although they are getting the same questions, there is enough variability that they still have to think a little bit.  (Also, if I don’t want to allow the students to take it more than once and they do, I’ll just take the first score submitted by looking at the timestamp that accompanies the results.)

TestMoz seems to fulfill my wish list above for things that I’m looking for in an online quiz that my students can use for review.  Do I wish it was a little more flashy or pretty?  Of course, I’m a girl.  But as an educator strictly focused on outcomes, it’s a match made in online test generator heaven.


12 thoughts on “TestMoz: Online Test Generator

  1. I am a pre-service teacher and right now I’m looking into different lesson plan and technology ideas to use in my classroom. Have you found that your students enjoy using online quizzes to study for upcoming tests or do they find more frustrations in it than benefits?

    1. I find that they like the online tests. It just gives them a lot of flexibility and freedom. I let them use notes on these quizzes also, to help them prepare and they like that because they feel like they’re “cheating” or beating the system somehow. I also know that some like the ability to be able to retake and do the quiz multiple times for extra practice. Some don’t take advantage of that, but for the few that always do the review tests 5 or 6 times, it’s worth it because they always outperform my students that only take the test once. (except for the students that ace the review test the first time around . . they usually ace the test also!)

  2. Nice recommendation! Some years ago I used an online platform to create multiple choice quizzes for a publication I did. It proved to be really successful and teachers and students liked it a lot!

  3. This is one of the all-time WORST applications I have EVER, ever used. Doesn’t work with fill-in-the-blanks answers, even though it purports to. If you’re using only multiple choice, then I suppose it may work for you as a cheap, low-class freebie. But, with fill-in-the-blanks, it marks most EVERY answer incorrect and is also case-sensitive so that you’ve got to key in all of the (sometimes infinite) possible answers to a question. Spend some money and get yourself a real test platform. This thing is garbage.

    1. Good to know! And since posting this, I think I’ve only used it once or twice. I use Edmodo almost exclusively for all my quizzes know. Their fill in the blanks are great. Like it a lot more than Google Forms. But my love for TestMoz has cooled.

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