No Red Ink Grammar Review

Edmodo has quite a few “apps” that could easily be integrated into your classes if you are already using Edmodo.

Screen Shot 2012-10-16 at 3.26.04 PM

One I came across last week is called NoRedInk and it generates grammar exercises, assignments and quizzes using pop culture references.  A great resource for upper Elementary and Middle School teachers — great review site for High School.

Screen Shot 2012-10-16 at 3.26.12 PM

The app is free.  Students will have to get the app from the Edmodo App store and then all of your students will automatically be registered and be able to do your NoRedInk activities.  I created a practice activity to demonstrate how NoRedInk works.  I “assigned” everyone in the Denver Edmodo Training Group a grammar assignment.  If you get the app from the app store and access it, you should be able to complete that activity and see the student side of it.


Here are some additional features:

Screen Shot 2012-10-16 at 3.19.18 PM

When creating a grammar activity, you can choose the category.  Each category has subtopics.  The possible categories: Apostrophes, Commonly Confused Words, Subject/Verb Agreement, and Commas, Fragments & Run-ons.  If you want to focus on a specific subtopic, you can checkbox just that topic (like who’s vs. whose) or leave it wide open.  You choose the number of questions and points.  You can schedule it for a specific time or make it available right away.


You can also make it available for only a few students.  This would be great for intervention.

I also like how the data for each class is displayed.  I breaks down each category and color codes each student’s proficiency in each subtopic.  You can easily scan to see if many students struggle with a certain topic, etc.

Screen Shot 2012-10-15 at 9.24.37 AM


2 thoughts on “No Red Ink Grammar Review

  1. I began using it with my 8th graders last year and have continued this year thanks to high student reviews and measurable improvement on the grammar skills we need to know. The only thing I don’t like is the high cost of the premium version–it’s cost-prohibitive for most schools, too.

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