Like many teachers looking to improve teaching a foreign language, I owe a lot to Martina Bex and the Comprehensible Classroom. To close out 2018 she called upon us to reflect on #myfive recommended blogs or bloggers and it was a great reminder to me how powerful this #langchat community can be.

I’m trying not to do a lot of work over this break so I can truly enjoy some time with my family but receiving notifications and being reminded of those who have improved my life in 2018 makes me feel grateful. Here are #myfive blog posts (and educators) that have lifted my professional soul this year:

Any Kara Jacobs CI post using a song

My most used bookmark takes me to Kara Jacobs. I love seeing all the ways she breaks down a song, creates a story and drives assessments from one core piece of material. They are great hooks and the results always….ALWAYS work for my kids.


My deep admiration and fangirling of Laura Sexton aside, this website has inspired two major shifts for this year. The introduction on PUEDOS has spiced up interpersonal communication and flooded my room with target language. Love it. And after hearing Laura at IWLA18, I’ve made a hard commitment to align with AAPPL rubrics and started using her AAPPL bites. The students like the realness of this rubric and it’s really helped me clarify my expectations.

Maris Hawkins

All things on her blog are brillante and I especially love her dedication to technologies. Her posts on improving using novels is a great guide for me because it’s so reflective and prompts me to feel comfortable making some changes after I can identify what it is that is not working.

Puentes to CI Compliments Campaign

I struggle with wanting to be all cultural and target language all the time and trying to address social emotional needs of my students. I came across this post last year and committed to trying something similar this year. The end result is my Muyamables envelopes (that I will be blogging about sometime soon!) and I owe so much of my experience to this post. This product on TPT was a great source of inspiration.

The Movement Game with Sarah Breckley

One of the reasons I seek out ideas on the internet is because I recognize my internal limitations. The high energy, cheerleader type magnetism that I lack, Sarah Breckley has in abundance and I go to her blog when I need a shot of adrenaline. Her Movement activity works great as a quick brain break but I’ve loved it as the beginning of a movie or story talk or discussion activity in general. It’s lots of laughs and fun and has a lot of CI possibilities.

This also might be cheating but a Happy 2018 shout out to Allison Weinhold of Misclaseslocas. She is also an awesome blog to follow and I say it’s cheating because we’re in neighboring districts and get to powwow once a month face to face. Is face to face blog talk called “flogging”?


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